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(The City of Forts) Bikaner
Bikaner is a fascinating city in the royal land of Rajasthan

that is bestowed with rich history and vibrant culture, coupled with magnificent architecture that will leave you awestruck. The city is home to several significant landmarks, like Junagarh Fort, Rampuria Haveli and Lalgarh Palace that not only narrate the tales of the legendary past, but also showcase the immaculate craftsmanship of the bygone era.

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Places to Visit in Bikaner

1. Junagarh Fort

One of the most stunning and emblematic attractions of Bikaner is the Junagarh Fort that still stands strong. The foundation of the fort was laid by Rao Bika (founder of Bikaner) in the 15th-century, and it was then known as the Stone Fort. However, the imposing structure that we see today was completed in 1594 under the rule of Raja Rai Singh, and was renamed as the Junagarh Fort in the early 20th-century.

2. Rampuria Haveli

Rampuria Haveli is a group of havelis, which are more than four centuries old, and were established by the affluent merchant family of Bikaner, the Rampurias. This exquisite haveli is cherished for its grandeur and eclectic architecture, which is a concoction of Rajputana, Mughal and Victorian styles, thus has been rightly labelled as the ‘Pride of Bikaner’.

3. Lalgarh Palace

Completed over a period of 24 years, the Lalgarh Palace is the epitome of Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. Built from red sandstone structure, it is a three-storey complex that primarily functions as a heritage hotel. The complex also contains a library and two museums – Sadul Museum and Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, which are open for visitors.

4. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

Located approximately 19 miles from Bikaner lies Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary that once served as the hunting ground for the royal families of Bikaner. The sanctuary today draws in nature lovers and wildlife explorers who come to marvel at the rare and unique flora and fauna that are thriving amidst the dense forests.

5. Kote Gate

During the time of Maharajas, Kote Gate was the main entryway to the city, and it still stands tall separating the new Bikaner from the old city. Besides the historic significance, the Kote Gate is also a delight for architecture buffs and shopaholics.

6. Bhandasar Jain Temple

Established in the 15th-century, the Bhandasar Jain Temple is dedicated to the Sumatinatha, the fifth Jain Tirthankar. It is a three-storey temple built in red sandstone and white marble, complete with gold leaf walls, yellow-stone carvings, exquisite mirror work, frescoes and illustrations that exhibit the lives of 24 Jain teachers. The splendour of this historic temple is as awe-inspiring as it is divine.

7. Karni Mata Temple

To admire the scenic side of Bikaner or to simply relax on a warm summer afternoon, an artificial lake located in the middle of the city of Bikaner offers an ideal place to visit for tourists. Anasagar Lake was built by Arno Raj Chauhan and was later modified by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir.

8. Kodamdesar Temple

Built by the founder of Bikaner, Rao Bikaji, the Kodamdesar Temple is one-of-its-kind in the city. Dedicated to Lord Bhairon Ji, a particularly intriguing feature of the temple is that there are no doors, roof or hall, instead the idol is just placed on a raised marble platform. Another highlight of the temple is the Bhadrapad Fair that is held in August/September, and sees the coming together of the craftsman and artisans from all over the state.

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Places which you must visit in Bikaner

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Junagarh Fort
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Rampuria Haveli
Bikaner Tour Operator
Lalgarh Palace
Bikaner Tour Operator
Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary
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Kote Gate
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Bhandasar Jain Temple
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Karni Mata Temple
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Kodamdesar Temple

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You can also visit the below attractions near Bikaner

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Devi Kund Sagar
is the cremation ground of Bikaner Royal family situated in the outskirts of Bikaner

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Desert Camel Safari
Camel Safari and Jeep Safari in Bikaner.

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